ReaDI-Watch seeks to transform the way companies manage R&D. By managing R&D in real-time and on the cloud, companies can get the best return on R&D investment and maximise R&D tax incentives and grants.

ReaDI-Watch Cloud - based Platform is a simple and effective tool for companies who are investing in their future.

Whether you are a

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Dedicated R&D team

Innovate Better. Collaborate Easier. Optimise your R&D.

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Martin McVicar, Co-Founder - CEO Combilift

“Rapid Innovation and minimal time-to-market is a major driver for Combilift’s commercial success as the world’s fastest growing forklift vehicle manufacturer. In partnership with GB Innovation Ld. (GBI), we are continuing to build an excellent, internationally leading Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) culture in Combilift to further revolutionise the way companies handle and store goods. We are now managing our R&D portfolio using efficient and best – practice principals as integrated into the new GBI ReaDI-Watch digital platform for connected and lean R&D Management. In this way we are enhancing our capabilities and advancing the core technologies central to the company’s future development. “

Dr Noel Kelly, CEO Anam Technologies Ltd.

“In 2014 ANAM did not have a systematic approach to its research and innovation. Using the Research Readiness Level Index methodology, GB Innovation Ltd. has delivered us a framework and ambition for our RD&I activities that can be measured and tracked. The RD&I performance improvement in this time has been the determining factor for ANAM to reach a leadership position and profile in the tele-communications sector.”

Eddie McHugh, General Manager Dawnlough Ltd.

"The “ReaDI-Watch” digital platform provides the capability for recording R&D activity in real time i.e. as the work is happening. It ensures that we have a robust R&D process along with the supporting documentation. It eliminates the need for the retrospective collation of documents after the financial year-end, freeing up Senior Management time to focus on the strategic objectives of Dawnlough. The strong R&D managed service behind the platform is most valuable to us"

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