Case Study – Software Company

We have closely worked with an Irish company (turnover approx. €10 million) in the software sector for the past 6 years to build and implement a roadmap for Innovation excellence which is aligned to the ISO 56002 standard.  Working in partnership, the company utilised our online R&D and Innovation Strategic Tools and succeeded in implementing a framework for excellence within the company to support their RD&I management processes, to manage R&D projects in real-time in a lean & efficient manner, and to develop a best-in-class Intellectual Property portfolio.

Since our joint work began, this company has received extensive R&D and Innovation Grant support and has claimed R&D Tax Credits successfully. Since we moved to Real-time R&D Project Management, senior management time at the end of the financial year to claim R&D tax credits has been reduced by > 50% – this is coupled with a much more robust R&D Tax claim year-on-year.

Using our R&D and Innovation diagnostic, called the Research Readiness Level (RRL) © Assessment for excellence, we have measured the business impact of both the cultural, R&D and Innovation technology capability, as grown through our R&D and Innovation Training. This has allowed the partnership to create the foundations for considerable international business growth. As this company drives towards strong innovation management, the company has achieved world leading vendor status as verified by an independent software sectoral report.