ReaDI-Watch at Northern Ireland Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference – 23rd June 2022

ReaDI-Watch presenting at Northern Ireland  Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference

23rd June 2022

Join Dave Byrne as he shares his experiences, insight & knowledge of top class R&D and Innovation performing companies.

In this talk on  the Research & Innovation stage, Dave will discuss how to get to grips with managing R&D and Innovation in a practical and efficient manner, in such a way as to maximise your business results.

Dave will cover a range of topics in this talk, including ISO56002: Innovation Management; R&D Tax Credits; RD&I Grants; IP Management; Organisational RD&I Structures; Disruptive Technologies.

He will share practical, actionable insights that attendees can take away and implement in their businesses, and share real case studies in the Manufacturing & Automation industries, and typical pain points encountered by companies along the way.