What can ReaDI-Watch do for you?

Cloud based platform for data-collection and knowledge transfer

Retain and leverage your R&D data (keeping all knowledge in-house)

Automated features such as audit-ready R&D tax incentive reports

Valuable time saving for senior management through real-time R&D reporting

Cloud-based platform for R&D data collation and knowledge sharing

Cloud based platform for data-collection and knowledge

Automated reporting functionality

Time & Cost saving for Senior Management

R&D Capability development through Online Training

ReaDI-Watch is currently being implemented across these sectors


Food Manufacturing






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Eddie McHugh, General Manager Dawnlough Ltd.

"The “ReaDI-Watch”  digital platform provides the capability for recording R&D activity in real time i.e. as the work is happening.

It ensures that we have a robust R&D process along with the supporting documentation. It eliminates the need for the retrospective collation of documents after the financial year-end, freeing up Senior Management time to focus on the strategic objectives of Dawnlough.

The strong R&D managed service behind the platform is most valuable to us."