Real-Time R&D Project Manager

  • Manage, Track and Record your R&D Projects on the Cloud in Real-Time
  • • Get Live R&D oversight from anywhere, and make more informed decisions to grow your company and maximize return on investment
  • • Avoid headaches at the end of a year, and don't miss out on any R&D tax credit claims
  • • Straightforward R&D time-logs, expenditure capture and progress reporting that meet R&D Tax and Grant requirements.

Online R&D Platform for best-in-class R&D Project Management

Cloud based platform for data-collection and knowledge

Automated Reports that meet R&D Tax & Grant Requirements

Save Time & Cost and Make Informed R&D and Innovation Decisions

Get Clarity and Guidance using our Specialist Supports, Training & Diagnostic Tools

R&D and Innovation Strategic Tools

Through our online guided tools that are ISO aligned, define and agree your company’s RD&I direction

• Create  R&D and Innovation Strategies and Policies
• Generate Technology and Sustainability Road Maps
• Intellectual Property Asset Registers and Protection Policies

With guidance, structure and specialist support from us.


Create R&D and Innovation roadmaps and lean management practices

Complete R&D and Innovation Overview at your fingertips, so you can choose wisely when and where to invest

Whether you are a

Solo Innovator

Senior Leader

Engineering /
Product Development Group

Dedicated R&D team

Accelerate your Business Results and Create Value from R&D and Innovation

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ReaDI-Watch is currently being implemented across these sectors


Food Manufacturing






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Eddie McHugh, General Manager Dawnlough Ltd.

"The “ReaDI-Watch”  digital platform provides the capability for recording R&D activity in real time i.e. as the work is happening.

It ensures that we have a robust R&D process along with the supporting documentation. It eliminates the need for the retrospective collation of documents after the financial year-end, freeing up Senior Management time to focus on the strategic objectives of Dawnlough.

The strong R&D managed service behind the platform is most valuable to us."